Are all your clients women?

"The vast majority but not all of them.
Men can claim too."

How do I know if I have a claim?

"If you are a woman, you have to show that a man in your organisation is paid more than you. That man has to do the same job role as you or work of equal value in terms of effort and skill.

A man would have to compare himself to a women."

I don’t think there is anyone of the opposite sex in my organisation who does the same job as me. Does that mean I don’t have a claim?

"Not necessarily. You could be doing a different job which can be assessed as being of equal value. To give you some examples, the employment tribunal has in the past  decided that the following jobs are of equal value:


  • School nursery nurse and
    architectural technician
  • Head of Speech and Language
    Therapy Service and Head of
    Hospital Pharmacy Service


So you can see that the jobs can be quite different but are still of equal value."

A Team doing work of equal value in another location is made up mainly of employees of the opposite sex. Do they have to work in the same office as I do?

"No, as long as they work for the same employer you can make a claim."

What do you mean by “paid more than me”?

"Pay is made up of more than just a salary. It includes bonuses, overtime allowances, company car allowance, increased pension contributions and any other contractual benefit that you can think of. "

I am not sure what the men here are paid. Will I get in trouble if I ask colleagues what they earn?

"Your employer cannot prevent you telling others what you earn, if you are doing so because you are concerned about equal pay between men and women. "

OK, so let’s say I have found a man who does work of an equal value who is paid more. What now?

"The best thing to do is to call us on

0844 877 0122 or fill in our online claim form here. We will take down your details and ask you for some detailed information about your work and pay. We will then evaluate your case and let you know if you have a claim or we may ask for more information.

It is very quick and easy and we are a friendly bunch of people."

I am really worried I will be treated differently if I bring a claim against my employer. Can you reassure me it won’t be a problem?

"It is against the law for employers to victimize their employees for bringing a legal case or supporting someone who does."

Do I have to tell my employer I am making a claim?

"You do not have to tell your employer that you have come to us for some advice. Everything you tell us is in strict confidence and we will not disclose anything to your employer or other colleagues without your permission.


If you decide to make a claim, your employer will eventually be notified. Employers usually have separate HR or legal professionals who deal with the claims. However, it is likely that your line manager will be informed or asked questions about your level of pay."

One of my former work colleagues may also have a claim, but she left the company about 2 years ago. Can she
make a claim?

"Yes, she certainly can. Claims look back over a 6 year period, so she could claim for 4 years. It doesn’t matter that she no longer works with you, and it doesn’t matter what her reason for leaving was, whether it was retirement, redundancy or simply that she wanted to work somewhere else."

If I have a claim, does that mean colleagues of the same sex as me in my job role will also have a claim?

"Yes, it is highly likely that other women in your job role will also have a claim. In fact, we are often approached by groups of employees, sometimes spread across several office locations. It can be reassuring to have safety in numbers."

I am still not sure I want to claim, unless it is going to be worthwhile financially. How much money will I get?

"We have a lot of clients who like you are a little dubious at the start. But, more often than not, our clients win back thousands of pounds that they should have received previously from their employers. Your compensation will be the difference between what you earn and what you should have earned.


In some jobs, this can be a significant amount, up to £200,000 or more. It depends how big the pay gap is.


Also, the longer you have worked in a place, the more money you are likely to get."

How much of my time will bringing  a claim take?

"At EPL, we do most of the work for you. At the beginning of the case, you will need to give us a fair amount of information, but after that we will be in touch from time to time to update you on the progress of your case, but there is little input required from you."

How much would Equal Pay Legal charge me for making a claim with them?

"We work on a no win no fee basis. This means that in principle, if your claim is unsuccessful, there will be no charge. If you win, we take 25% of your compensation. We will explain how it all works in detail before taking you on as a client."

Can I have some time to think about whether I want to make a claim?

"Of course you can. Just remember that the sooner you make your claim, the higher in value it is likely to be. That is because in some industries the pay gap is closing. As your claim can only look back 6 years, you are better off claiming sooner rather than later."



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