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  • Do you believe you are paid less than a comparator of the opposite sex?

  • Do you do the same job as that person?

  • Or do you do a different job but your work is equal to theirs in terms of effort, skill and authority?


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Remember claims can be made against current or past employers in the last 6 years.



Often in retail companies, one particular job role tends to be filled by men and another by women. Take for example supermarkets, where men tend to work in the warehouses and women tend to work on the shop floors. When rates of pay for those two groups of workers are unequal, the underpaid group is likely to have a claim, providing the work is of equal value [FAQ].


Recent examples


Asda has recently hit the headlines for exactly that reason. Out of a total workforce of 172,000in the UK, so far approximately 6,000 employees have issued equal pay claims. It has been suggested that 22,000 other individuals are also likely to have a claim.


The claims are on behalf of shop assistants (mainly female) and the comparators are workers in distribution centres (90% male).  The workers allege that the men are paid between £1 and £4 more per hour than the women and the claims are being brought as equal value cases.


Workers at Sainsbury's have followed suit. All of the other major retailers from Marks & Spencer to B&Q are urgently looking at their exposure to equal pay claims. Tesco has also been the subject of equal pay claims in the past.


Talk to us


We are observing the legal developments in the supermarkets cases closely. If you think your employer is paying people unfairly, then we would like to hear from you. But please bear the following in mind:

Due to the way in which the retailer companies are structured it is important to establish that:


(a) you are paid by the same employer as your comparator (and that their job has not been outsourced); and

(b) you are carrying out equal value work but being paid less.


In the Asda and Sainsbury's cases the employer is the same for the shop assistants and the warehouse workers and because essentially their work involves manual lifting it is argued that this is of equal value.



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