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  • Do you believe you are paid less than a comparator of the opposite sex?

  • Do you do the same job as that person?

  • Or do you do a different job but your work is equal to theirs in terms of effort, skill and authority?


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Remember claims can be made against current or past employers in the last 6 years.





The Institute of Chartered Accountants (ICAEW) in conjunction with Stott & May conducts an annual salary survey for gender pay gaps amongst the profession. Its 2015 results are alarming.


  • On average, female chartered accountants earn £44,100 (with a bonus of £2,100). By contrast their male counterparts earn £75,800 (with a bonus of £8,800).
  • There is an average pay gap of £37,000 between male and female chartered accountants working in business.
  • Women over 45 are the most disadvantaged with an average salary drop of £6,500 from 2014, compared with an increase for men in the same category of £4,200, a £10,700 differential in just one year.

An equal pay claim looking back six years from the date of claim could be worth over £200,000.




In 2015, the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors researched pay trends among a group of over 8000 surveyors.


Their research shows that:


  • There is a serious disparity between male and female pay.
  • The average male pay is £56,909 while females only earn £44,794.
    That represents a 23% gender pay gap.
  • The statistics are even worse at entry level where there is a 40% gender pay gap.
  • In the 46-55 age range, the average difference in annual pay is £12,728.


Equal pay claims could therefore be worth up to £76,000.




The Law Society carries out annual surveys of gender pay gaps.


  • Although the pay gap is narrowing in the profession, substantial inequality still exists.
  • The average annual pay gap between men and women is £23,000.
  • Men are routinely paid larger bonuses than women carrying out the work of equal value.
  • The discrepancy is greatest in relation to women aged 40 and older, particularly when those women have taken maternity leave.


Equal pay claims could be worth over £150,000.




Second only in the construction industry to the pay gap between male and female building trades supervisors, the average pay differential between male and female architects is 25% according to the Office for National Statistics, making the average difference in pay £11,300 per year. The Royal Institute of British Architects describes this as "beyond shocking".


An average equal pay claim could be worth up to £65,000.




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